Getting the Lead out

January 1, 2015 marks a new era in Maryland’s Lead-Based Paint (LBP) registration process for residential rental properties. Although the new registration process is simpler than the old process in many ways, it also entails mandatory registration for a wider range of properties. And simpler does not necessarily mean cheaper; the overall compliance costs will likely increase, especially for properties that have LBP. Owners and operators need to understand the nuances of the new regulations in order to manage the costs and liabilities.

The new registration process applies to all…

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Edwin “Bubby” F. Williams, IV has recently been promoted to Associate with GTA. Bubby joined GTA in 1999 and currently serves as a Construction Observation & Testing Services (COTS) Group Leader at our New Castle, Delaware office.

Bubby supervises COTS for geotechnical quality assurance & quality control, and special inspections in accordance with IBC specifications, as well as provides construction phase consultation. Specific services include field inspections for structural steel, masonry and concrete observations, deep foundation systems, soil stabilization, and project oversight of subsurface explorations. He is actively involved in geotechnical projects for…

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