Market - Defense Structures

Dover Air Force Base, Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement, Dover, DE

  • Subsurface exploration and COT services for a new 9-level Air Traffic Control Tower.
  • Geotechnical investigation included a 120-foot-deep boring for evaluation of deep foundation options.
  • Special inspections during construction consisted of concrete testing, structural steel inspection, and evaluation of fire-proofing materials.
  • Structural steel observations during the demolition of the former Air Traffic Control Tower.

APG, Littoral Warfare Environmental Test Facility, APG, MD

  • 400’ x 100’, 20’‑deep, excavated pond with a 6’ wave machine for testing amphibious vehicles for beachfront assaults at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD.
  • Services included geotechnical explorations and recommendations, design of a 32’ tall reinforced earth retaining wall, and slope stability analysis for the dynamic forces imposed by underwater charges of up to 500 pounds of TNT equivalent.
  • Piezometers were installed to depths of 50’ to evaluate groundwater levels.