Market - Pipelines

Natural Gas Pipeline Relocation, New Castle County, DE

  • Provided wetland delineation and permitting services for the 1.5-mile utility alignment project.
  • Coordinated with USACE, DNREC Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section and Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program.
  • Obtained USACE authorization to use Nationwide Permit 12-Utility Line Activities.
  • Obtained State Subaqueous Lands authorization & coordinated with Delaware SHPO for issuance of a Cultural Resource Survey Concurrence letter.

Ballard Green, Baltimore County, MD

  • The development plan for the 105-acre, 521-home mixed-use community called for depths of fill up to 12-18 feet over portions of existing gas pipelines.
  • The gas company required detailed evaluation to ensure that the fill loads would not impact the pipelines.
  • DMT soundings were used to estimate the soil stiffness and resulting settlement beneath each pipeline.
  • GTA was able to more accurately estimate soil settlements resulting in a less conservative analysis.

Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion, Kent County, DE

  • Provided natural resource evaluations and federal and state permitting services for this approximately 5.5-mile utility alignment project.
  • GTA coordinated with FERC, USACE, DNREC Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section, and DNREC Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, and the Delaware SHPO.
  • Observed the installation of well point systems used to dewatering the open cut sections during construction through water ways.

Pipeline Landslide Remediation, PA and WV

  • Provided geotechnical design and construction observation and testing for landslides associated with a 42-mile-long natural gas pipeline in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
  • Performed field visits and test pits explorations to obtain information for the landslides and surface/subsurface drainage.
  • Developed landslide repair plans for each slide, which included plans, cross-sections, details and specifications.

21-Mile Pipeline Installation, Third Party Independent Environmental Monitor Support, MD

  • Provided independent environmental monitoring services for the installation of 21.1 miles of 26-inch diameter pipeline and associated facilities.
  • Work included construction inspection of the pipeline and associated site improvements including sediment control features, approving low-impact plan modifications, submitting reports to federal, state, and local agencies.