Residential Communities Third Party Inspection Services, Frederick County, MD

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GTA began offering third party utility inspection services under the Public Improvement Agreement (PIA), in Frederick County, Maryland in 2011. Per Memorandum, DUSWM, 2-17-12015, “This pilot program was based on the idea that more efficient extensions of public water and sewer facilities might be achieved by a PIA process, which allows the developer to manage the construction contract, and also to hire a third party inspection firm to perform daily or regular inspection of the work instead of relying on County construction management and inspection staff.” GTA’s third party utility inspection services typically consist of verification that the correct materials are used by the contractor, installed, and tested in accordance with the plans and Frederick County specifications. GTA’s third party team witnesses deflection, pressure, and vacuum testing, and well as TV inspection and a video review of installed sewer lines. Waterline testing services include witnessing chlorination, bacteria sample collection and hydrostatic testing. GTA has performed third party utility inspection for a number of residential projects in Frederick County including:

  • Linton at Ballenger
  • The Orchards at New Market
  • Lake Linganore
  • Manors at Ballenger Creek
  • Landsdale