Yard 56, Baltimore City, MD

The subject property consists of approximately 19.97 acres of land located south of Eastern Avenue and east of South Umbra Street, in the eastern portion of the City of Baltimore, Maryland. The subject property contains 13 buildings and several support structures. These structures include several vacant industrial buildings, a vacant laboratory building, and a vacant warehouse. The remaining portions of the subject property contain asphalt parking lots, an inactive industrial landfill, and grassed areas. Historically, the Porcelain Enamel Manufacturing Corporation facility began operation in the early 20th Century, prior to which the subject property was vacant land. GTA has prepared Phase I and II ESAs for the subject property prior to entering it into Maryland’s VCP.

In addition to regulated materials used in the manufacturing and maintenance processes, the facility historically generated waste in the form of off-specification product, recovered dust, and material settled from process discharge water and surface runoff. Until approximately 1979, off-specification product, smelter refractories, packaging materials, and general facility trash was placed in the approximately six-acre landfill on the southern and western portions of the subject property. Groundwater sampling identified elevated concentrations of VOCs, SVOCs, and metals. Methane was detected in the central portion of the landfill. The subject property has also historically contained nine underground storage tanks (USTs), which ranged in capacity from 500 gallons to 12,000 gallons.

The site is currently in Maryland’s VCP with an approved RAP in 2016 with additional USEPA oversight. This RAP establishes a proposed remedy for impacted soil, soil vapor, and groundwater contamination within the site boundary in conjunction with the planned site development. The proposed remedies include removing USTs and potentially petroleum-impacted soil, the installation of vapor barriers and sub-slab vapor mitigation systems, and long term groundwater monitoring. The site is being developed for residential and commercial mixed use.