Curwensville Dam Relief Wells, Curwensville, PA

Curwensville Dam is an earthen fill dam located on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. GTA managed inspection, cleaning, and performance evaluation of 14 shallow overburden relief wells and 20 deep rock relief wells. These wells are located at the downstream toe of the Curwensville Dam and are designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure at the base of the dam. The following work was performed in the process of inspection, cleaning, and performance evaluation of the relief wells:

  • Performed wellhead visual inspection and wellhead photo documentation.
  • Performed pre-rehabilitation flushing and limited sediment removal in preparation for video inspection of the wells.
  • Managed pre-rehabilitation downhole video inspection of 24 relief wells.
  • Managed subconsultant utilizing Hydropuls® impulse generation technology in conjunction with GTA’s pumping and air lifting to rehabilitate the shallow and deep relief wells.
  • GTA and subconsultant conducted pre- and post-rehabilitation specific capacity testing of four shallow wells, and two deep wells.
  • Conducted post-rehabilitation recharge testing of the 34 relief wells.
  • Conducted post-rehabilitation 8-hour pump tests on 4 relief wells.

Compiled and managed all relative data, and submitted final report to USACE.