I-495 Emergency Bridge Repairs, Wilmington, DE

  • Provided emergency response and corrective action services including subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering services to repair BR1-183 on I-495 over Christina River.
  • Performed 12 CPT soundings with pore pressure dissipation tests.
  • Monitored pore pressure through monitoring wells, pressure transducers and vibrating wire piezometers for approximately 12 months.

Beaver Heights Slope Evaluation, Prince George’s County, MD

  • GTA was the expert witness to evaluate the movement of a steep fill slope impacting an existing WMATA railroad rack and bridge abutment over native marine clays.
  • SPT borings were drilled to depths of 100 feet to sample the soil conditions and install inclinometers and piezometers to monitor slope movement and water level fluctuations.
    li> Direct and torsional shear tests were performed to support stability analysis.

APG, Littoral Warfare Environmental Test Facility, APG, MD

  • 400’ x 100’, 20’‑deep, excavated pond with a 6’ wave machine for testing amphibious vehicles for beachfront assaults at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD.
  • Services included geotechnical explorations and recommendations, design of a 32’ tall reinforced earth retaining wall, and slope stability analysis for the dynamic forces imposed by underwater charges of up to 500 pounds of TNT equivalent.
  • Piezometers were installed to depths of 50’ to evaluate groundwater levels.

Liberty Harbor East, Baltimore City, MD

  • Geotechnical and environmental consulting for the 23-story, 750,000-SF, mixed-use building with apartments, condominiums, retail, and parking.
  • COT services and environmental consulting during construction of building’s foundation.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring plan to monitor settlement of a century old brick-lined stormwater tunnel supported on timber piles, located less than 10 feet from the proposed 3- to 6-foot diameter caissons.