The Highlands, Arlington County, VA

  • Part of the West Rosslyn Area Plan Study (WRAPS), a County-driven and community-involved redevelopment opportunity.
  • Geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and COT services for the 1,200,000-SF above grade complex with three high-rise towers containing upscale condominium and luxury apartment communities, and ground floor retail. The complex also includes four levels of below grade parking for approximately 1,050 cars.

Building, Roanoke, VA

  • Performed a Phase I ESA and Section 106 report for placement of cellular antennas on an historic building.
  • Performed surveys to determine whether ACM and/or LBP would be encountered during installation; ACM was encountered.
  • Supervised the removal of friable ACM from areas where the Client would install routing cables associated with the equipment.
  • Negotiated and MOA with the FCC and State SHPO due to adverse effects to the building.

Water Tank, Richmond, VA

  • Performed a Phase I ESA and lead-based analysis for Client preparing to mount antennas on a water tank constructed in 1965.
  • Due to the presence of lead-based paint on the tank, soil sampling was also performed at the base of the tank where ground excavation would occur to install equipment.
  • Supervised the removal and disposal of lead paint and soils impacted by lead during installation of client equipment.

Tower, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Performed a Phase I ESA for a Client at an existing cellular site.
  • Collected groundwater and soil samples at proposed lease Client lease areas due to the former presence of a gasoline station at the tower site.
  • Supervised excavation and management of contaminated soils during construction.

6410 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, VA

  • Geotechnical engineering, retaining wall design, environmental consulting, & COT services for 2 stories of below-grade parking, & 5 stories above-grade w/ apartments, retail, & townhouses.
  • Obstacles included adjacent parking garage w/ uncertain foundation conditions, adjacent below grade parking garage which could not receive additional lateral loading, existing fill and loose, wet soil conditions.
  • COT for this project fell under the stringent guidelines of Fairfax County’s Special Inspection Program.

Cardinal Grove Retaining Wall, Prince William County, VA

  • GTA conducted a geotechnical study, caisson and retaining wall design, and COT services for the 158 SFH development. Evaluated site suitability for development and global stability analysis for several retaining walls and slopes up to 19’ high. Due to close vicinity of the property line to the retaining walls, it was determined that soil nail walls with Segmental block facing would be the best fit. Due to the height and complexity, one of the retaining walls was deemed Special Inspections by the County.

Mine Road Bridge, Stafford County, VA

  • Designed abutments and wingwalls for a Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) for the 120-LF bridge.
  • Bridge abutments were 30′ tall & able to be supported on shallow foundations despite low allowable soil pressure.
  • The GRS-IBS wall system eliminated the need for deep foundations or a multi-span bridge. This solution accelerated bridge construction and minimized earthwork, wetland impact, construction cost and life-cycle cost.