Marcellus Shale, FDR Design, PA & WV

  • Provided design for upgrade and/or reconstruction of approximately 57 different paved and unpaved state, county, and municipal owned public roadways in Pennsylvania that were damaged by Marcellus/Utica Shale related drilling traffic.
  • Provided design for seven dirt and gravel roads, totaling 27 miles, through the Allegheny National Forest that will be subjected to heavy traffic from oil and gas drilling.

Full-Depth Road Reclamation Design, OH, PA, & WV

  • Provided design for reconstruction of over 750 miles of paved state, county, & municipal owned public roadways in Ohio, Pennsylvania, & West Virginia that were damaged by Marcellus/Utica Shale related drilling traffic.
  • Performed initial evaluations of pavement condition and distress, plus test pit explorations to evaluate the pavement section and subgrade conditions.
  • Designed specialty slope & wall stability systems to support areas of slope instability affecting public roads.

Pipeline Landslide Remediation, PA and WV

  • Provided geotechnical design and construction observation and testing for landslides associated with a 42-mile-long natural gas pipeline in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
  • Performed field visits and test pits explorations to obtain information for the landslides and surface/subsurface drainage.
  • Developed landslide repair plans for each slide, which included plans, cross-sections, details and specifications.

Master Service Contracts for FDR Laboratory Testing, PA, WV, OH

  • Full depth reclamation (FDR) mix design testing for over 700 miles of roadways in PA, WV, and OH for the oil and gas industry.
  • The FDR process involves pulverizing the existing asphalt, aggregate base and subgrade soils and mixing them with cement and water to create a new subbase layer that will support the new asphalt pavement. This “green” process produces very little waste and is often more economical than conventional pavement replacement methods.