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GTA Vice President, Shawn Sullivan, P.E., is Principal-In-Charge of this new location which supplements our Raleigh (also overseen by Shawn), Charlotte, and Greenville, South Carolina offices in providing enhanced coverage throughout the Carolinas.

This new location serves residential, commercial, industrial, energy, and institutional clients, contractors, architects, and civil engineering firms by providing timely, value-based solutions to problematic conditions and construction challenges. Services currently provided out of our Triad office include geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, wetlands services, laboratory testing, construction observation, materials testing, and special inspection services. 

Shawn has 22 years of experience providing geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services for commercial and industrial facilities, low- and high-rise buildings, and single- and multi-family residential projects. He is particularly knowledgeable of the North Carolina Triangle and Triad area markets, geologic conditions, and associated challenges.

Jacob Prout, P.E., with over six years of professional experience serving commercial, industrial, residential, and energy clients ranging across 14 states, specializes in geotechnical engineering and construction observation and testing services. As the Triad office Branch Manager and Senior Geotechnical Engineer with GTA, Jacob is responsible for managing the Triad area office while overseeing subsurface explorations and developing geotechnical recommendations for a wide variety of projects requiring shallow and deep foundations, stormwater management facilities, earthwork and excavation, flexible and rigid pavement, groundwater and drainage, retaining walls, and slope stability, as well as construction observation and materials testing services, and special inspections during project construction. He will also be responsible for staff training and management, business development, and ensuring client satisfaction.  

Jacob earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Florida State University. He is a registered professional engineer in North and South Carolina, Missouri, and Arkansas. He is a member of the International Code Council (ICC) and is a nationally certified Master Special Inspector. He holds many other ICC and industry certifications. Jacob’s experience includes geotechnical engineering and testing for some of the nation’s largest solar energy facilities, residential developments, and industrial, commercial, mixed-use, and high-rise buildings.  GTA Associates, Inc. is an affiliate of Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. and provides professional services in North and South Carolina.