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1435 10th Street, Fort Lee

Construction, Geotechnical


Bergen County, NJ


GTA was initially hired to provide construction inspection and testing (COT) services during construction of the 30-unit, three-story apartment building with upscale one- and two-bedroom homes, duplex lofts, and two levels of below grade parking in Fort Lee for what was expected to be a straightforward COT project. The building design documents called for excavating approximately 20 feet down into a slope at the rear of the project site, which was assumed to be diabase bedrock. Rock was not present along the entire excavation line of the slope and the slope started to fail, progressing towards the road above the site. GTA’s services were expanded to include design of a support of excavation system consisting of braced soldier piles and timber lagging to prevent further slope failure, and a twisted wire mesh rock netting to control rock and debris falls at locations where the rock was present.

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