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Fitness Facility


Chester County, PA


GTA performed a hydrogeologic evaluation for the use of Class V stormwater inflow wells for a new fitness center and spa located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the work was to evaluate the capacity of the underlying carbonate rock to accept the anticipated stormwater runoff volume from the site.   Class V wells can allow for increased developable area due to a reduction in required stormwater basin size, and can reduce the potential for sinkholes. GTA observed the drilling and installation of Class V test wells at the site and performed hydraulic inflow testing on the wells to evaluate their capacity.  Design inflow rates were estimated via hydrograph analysis and numerical groundwater flow modeling.

GTA worked closely with the Client, Civil Engineer, and Township/PADEP reviewers to obtain a workable design of the Class V Stormwater inflow system. Our evaluation of the site included exploration of relatively deep soil areas via air track drilling, and performance of long term hydraulic testing to better understand the movement of water within the aquifer system underlying the site. The results of our evaluation indicated that stormwater management via Class V wells was feasible. GTA was retained to observe the drilling and installation of the remaining Class-V wells necessary to accept the anticipated stormwater runoff volume. The Class V well system is fully constructed for conveyance of stormwater volumes to the subsurface and for enhancement of groundwater recharge.

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