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Macon Pond – Medical Office Building and Parking Structure

Construction, Geotechnical


Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina


GTA provided supplemental geotechnical services and in-situ soil strength testing associated with the development/redevelopment of four (4) parcels in Raleigh, North Carolina near PNC Arena. A portion of the site was previously occupied by residential construction and associated outbuildings. Development at the site included a new four-story medical office building and 6-story pre-cast concrete parking garage. During project planning and design, GTA reviewed the existing project Geotechnical Report and data, and performed supplemental geotechnical services including in-situ soil strength testing utilizing a flat-blade Dilatometer, foundation settlement analysis, retaining wall global stability analysis, and shear wave velocity testing for seismic site classification. A previous Geotechnical Report for the project recommended support of the proposed construction utilizing an intermediate/deep foundation system. Based on GTA’s experience with the local geology and soil conditions in the general site vicinity and based on the results of the in-situ soils strength testing performed, GTA was able to provide value engineering foundation support alternatives for the project, and recommended the new construction be supported on traditional spread footings, resulting in significant (hundreds of thousands of dollars) in cost savings for the owner/developer.

During construction, GTA provided construction observation testing and Special Inspection services including earthwork observation, soil laboratory testing, and soil compaction testing. Additionally, GTA provided retaining wall construction observations and reinforced zone backfill compaction testing, foundation soil bearing capacity testing for building/garage footings, pre-cast concrete panel erection, fluid concrete testing, sampling, curing, and compressive strength testing for footings, slab-on-grade, and elevated slab on metal decking, structural steel erection and bolting observations, and non-destructive testing of welded connections.

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