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Shoreline Restoration at Sunset Island



Ocean City, MD


GTA provided construction observation, material testing, and annual monitoring services for this “Living Shoreline” restoration project including marsh plantings, sills, groins and jetties at Ocean City’s Sunset Island.

In addition to the removal of a rubble-filled shoreline, mitigation measures included the complete removal of invasive common reed (Phragmites australis). The ground supporting the Phragmites reed was excavated to several feet below the ground surface in an effort to remove the root system. Also, localized areas of Phragmites were sprayed to kill remaining root systems. Groin (rip-rap lines or fingers) or other type of retention systems were created prior to backfilling the affected areas with sand and re-planting wetland grasses, which are native to the area. Since the native grasses or a beach generally have much lower profiles than Phragmites, vistas of the open bay are much improved. As a result, the ecosystem benefits in addition to the property values of the improved shoreline.

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