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Sarah E. Dalton, P.E.
Vice President
Geotechnical Engineering and COT Services

Sterling, VA Office
(703) 673-6541

Sarah Dalton has been promoted to the position of Vice President of GTA and is responsible for overseeing and managing geotechnical engineering and construction observation and testing services projects performed by GTA’s Sterling, Virginia office.

Sarah is a geotechnical engineer with 18 years (14 with GTA) of experience managing geotechnical projects and providing geotechnical analysis and design recommendations for a variety of projects requiring shallow and deep foundations, stormwater management (SWM) facilities, infiltration, earthwork, rock excavation, flexible and rigid pavement, geologic studies, damage studies, groundwater and drainage, retaining walls, and slope stability. Her expertise includes geotechnical design for pavement, including rigid and flexible systems; stabilized slopes, including pier design, geogrid reinforcement, basket face, and toe wedges; foundations, including deep, shallow, intermediate and grade beams; SWM systems, including infiltration testing, pervious pavement, and dam remediation; lime stabilization and soil cement programs; and retaining walls, including: MSE walls, gravity walls, post and panel, cantilever walls, stabilized aggregate systems, tiered wall systems, and combination systems. Sarah provides technical assistance and oversight to field personnel during drilling and construction operations and testing for a variety of commercial, residential, institutional, and infrastructure projects.

She is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia. With a Major in Civil Engineering and a Minor in Environmental Engineering, Sarah earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University.

Sarah has worked on multiple data center projects throughout Virginia and Maryland including in-house thermal resistivity testing (in-situ, and dry out curves) on soil, rock, and concrete. Through these projects, Sarah has overseen the design of several complicated wall systems including a >50-foot-tall MSE retaining wall and 40-foot-tall soil nail wall.

One of Sarah’s many projects over the years include Subsection 2C of the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway reconstruction and expansion project in Virginia where she was the geotechnical project manager. This complex, 2.5-mile stretch of I-66 took 4 years to complete.

Sarah is currently overseeing several projects in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia, including data center, warehouse, institutional, solar farm, and residential projects.