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21-Mile Pipeline Installation, Third Party Independent Environmental Monitor Support


Baltimore and Harford Counties, MD


GTA performed independent “environmental monitoring” services for the installation of 21.1 miles of 26-inch diameter pipeline and associated facilities. GTA’s personnel reported directly to the USACE and MDE and Baltimore County Permits, Approvals and Inspections, and Harford County Department of Public Works Bureau of Construction Inspections. Work included construction inspection of the pipeline and associated site improvements including sediment control features, approving low-impact plan modifications, submitting daily reports to agencies including non-compliance reports, working with Client’s Environmental and Chief Inspectors, MDE, USACE, and County personnel to resolve non-compliance issues in the field, promoting a safe work environment, performing weekly post construction site visits and site visits after half-inch or greater rain events that result in runoff, and overseeing implementation of the offsite mitigation area construction project.  GTA provided 24/7 on-site support as the pipeline was installed across streams and wetlands until these areas were stabilized.

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