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Alcove (900 Church Street)

Construction, Geotechnical


Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee


GTA provided the geotechnical study and construction observation and special inspections for the construction of the Alcove high-rise in Nashville, Tennessee. The 34-story Alcove building provides 32 studios, 224 one-bedroom units and 100 two-bedroom units, including a clear-bottom pool that overhangs the 27th floor amenity terrace on the west side of the building. The project site was previously occupied by a one-story structure which limited initial field exploration and a retaining wall was present along the eastern limits of the site. The initial borings indicated a thin soil overburden atop of the limestone bedrock. Once the previous structure was razed, additional drilling was performed at planned foundation locations in an effort to determine an economical foundation system. Due to the existing site conditions, a system of isolated spread foundations bearing on the underlying bedrock was utilized.

GTA was on-site to provide geotechnical services, client liaison, project management, scheduling and field observation/testing for concrete placement and post-tension floor slabs.

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