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Ballard Green


Baltimore County, MD


Ballard Green was named “2015 Project of the Year,” by the Maryland Building Industry Association, Land Development Council.

Ballard Green is a 105-acre, 521-home mixed-use community in Owings Mills, MD. The site contains approximately 1,800 LF of three Williams Gas Pipelines. The development plan called for significant fill depths (up to 12 to 18 feet) of fill over portions of the pipelines. The gas company required a detailed evaluation of the pipelines to ensure that the fill loads will not impact the existing pipelines. GTA was retained to perform a geotechnical assessment, and to provide geotechnical parameters for the finite element analysis. DMT soundings were utilized to estimate the soil stiffness and resulting settlement beneath each pipeline. With the aid of the DMT, GTA was able to more accurately estimate soil settlements resulting in a less conservative analysis.

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