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Levee Relief Well Testing & Rehabilitation Services


Baltimore, MD


GTA provides levee relief well observation, testing and rehabilitation services to our Clients, including municipalities, flood control district entities and system management consultants.  We also work closely with Clients in the process of well replacement when necessary, providing drilling coordination and well construction observation services.  GTA’s approach and methodologies are closely coordinated with reviewing agency requirements including the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).   The levee relief wells systems that GTA has evaluated were designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure at the base of the levee system. Water transmission efficacy of these wells is necessary for acceptable levee performance/stability.  GTA’s observation and testing of the well systems provide a data stream used by the USACE and others for well performance evaluation and a determination as to the necessity of rehabilitation or replacement of underperforming wells. Our rehabilitation efforts have been successful in improving the transmission capacity of underperforming wells, under the auspices of USACE review.  GTA’s levee relief well related services include the following:

  • Well condition observation, photo-documentation
  • Well sounding and groundwater level measurement
  • Down-hole video services
  • Sediment removal from inside of well casing/screen
  • Hydraulic testing, including constant rate and step-drawdown testing
  • Turbidity monitoring, Imhoff cone evaluation/sand content evaluation
  • Water Quality sampling for laboratory analysis
  • Down-hole geophysical services
  • Downhole video and geophysics interpretation
  • Hydraulic Test data analysis
  • Well performance analysis and aquifer parameter estimation
  • Rehabilitation via swabbing, surging and bailing/over-pumping
  • Rehabilitation via alternative methods, e.g., has cooperated with and managed a crew using Hydropuls impulse generation technology for successful rehabilitation
  • Act as liaison with well drillers for Client for design, scope of work for replacement wells
  • Well drilling/construction observation
  • Hydraulic testing of new wells for baseline performance data generation.

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