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Bowie Army Reserve Center, White Plains


Charles County, MD


GTA performed a preliminary geotechnical exploration, deep boring and laboratory testing for seismic site classification, and provided a geotechnical data report for the proposed Army Reserve Center (ARC) to include three 1- to 2-story buildings, several parking lots, and associated infrastructure, including stormwater management facilities. The data report was provided to design-build contractors for design of the site. GTA also provided a separate geotechnical report with recommendations for our client’s use. This report included recommendations for dealing with diatomaceous, moisture-sensitive, and soft soils.

GTA provided construction observation and testing services during construction of the Army Reserve Center. Construction improvements to the 15-acre site included a 79,795-SF ARC training facility, 5,703-SF organization maintenance shop, and 5,163-SF storage building, and infrastructure. GTA’s services included inspection and testing for site work including site grading, subgrade soils, and utility construction; stormwater management facilities; bituminous concrete; foundations – footings; slabs; cast-in-place concrete; reinforcing steel; unit masonry; and structural steel; as well as providing laboratory services and engineering consultation.

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