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Salem County Landfill, Cell #9 Expansion


Salem County, NJ


The Salem County Landfill was nearing its capacity when the Salem County Improvement Authority approved the an expansion plan. The expansion plan consists of five new cells adding over 31 acres to the previous seven cell landfill. GTA worked with R.E. Pierson Construction Company to provide construction oversight and quality control for the eighth (2012) and ninth (2014) cells.  GTA observed the placement of structural fill for the haul roads, SWM basin berms, perimeter and intermediate cells and cell bottoms. GTA observed foundation construction for the leachate pump house included bearing capacity evaluations and sampling of the concrete. Prior to construction, GTA performed compliance testing for the clay materials and leachate sands which included moisture density relationship, relative density, grain size analysis, and flex wall permeabilities for materials used in construction.

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